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I'm having a hard time summarizing myself inside this box...

There were puppies everywhere, you guys! #servicedogproject

Playing with the puppies! #servicedogproject

Beautiful lady. #servicedogproject

Puppy! #servicedogproject

Hi Buddy. #servicedogproject

Yum yum! I like mornings where I can make my breakfast. :)

Salmon sliders on watercress salad on a thick slice of tomato.




mental function, operation or energy.

Etymology: from Greek psukhē, “spirit, breath” + -urgy, a combining form occurring in loanwords from Greek, meaning “work”, from -ourgia, akin to érgon, “to work”.

[Peter Gric - Dream Generator]

What I spent the last week making. I only broke two tool bits, made a few screw-ups, cut myself a few times and had a part pop out of the vice once while I was working on it. Still the best training class I’ve taken for work so far. Plus, I got a spiffy new business card holder out of it…

Throwback Thursday: Me milking all the post op benefits after getting my first cochlear implant. Double Popsicle sticks ftw. Also probably the only baby picture I will post.

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