the cyborg


I'm having a hard time summarizing myself inside this box...

Throwback Thursday: Me milking all the post op benefits after getting my first cochlear implant. Double Popsicle sticks ftw. Also probably the only baby picture I will post.

I also finally have a TV in my bedroom. XD

Got the living room TV mounted today. 😊 Thanks to my boyfriend doing what he does best!


I like swimming in the gray.

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Brunch this morning. :)

Bushy tailed and bright eyed after an excellent long weekend and wearing my new sweatshirt for all the world to see. XD I wish it was fall now.

Time to celebrate a wedding!

Tonight’s dinner: rack of lamb marinated in olive oil and balsamic vinegar with rosemary and thyme with creamy kale and some leftover mashed potatoes donated by my roommate.

My mini fritatta that I made in the microwave makes me think of a soufflé.

I found some time today to play some games with my guy… Video games that is! ^_^

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