the cyborg


I'm having a hard time summarizing myself inside this box...

I’d like to think the fearsome tigers on the wall assist with keeping the bugs from biting… And the mosquito nets.

Tomato sauce makes everything taste better. #omnomnom #healthymeals #preplanning

Cut my toe on the useless jet tub controls when getting out of the shower tonight. I didn’t have any band aids handy. But I am an engineer and a problem solver.

No, I’m not OCD. Just losing weight. #preplanning

Mini fritattas for breakfast this week.

Tomato sauce after puréeing it with the boat motor. XD

Spaghetti squash!

Making a quick tomato sauce.

Why is Troop Beverly Hills not on Netflix? :’(

There were puppies everywhere, you guys! #servicedogproject

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